You’re Invited to the 6th Annual Radical Revisionaries Luncheon

6th Annual Luncheon logo.jpg

Every year, the Radical Revisionaries Luncheon generates funding that is crucial to supporting our transformational work. Last year’s event brought together more than 250 individual supporters and community partners to generate over $100,000 in support of furthering our mission to leverage the power of community by connecting kids on the edge with mentors, positive peers and life-changing resources.

Please consider giving at one of the sponsorship levels below. Customized event sponsor packages and options are also available. We also have a number of underwriting opportunities for flowers, promotional items and gift bags. Call Bren Gorman at (281) 656-6615 or to inquire about a signature customized package or in-kind/underwriting donation packages. 

Your generous support of our event is an investment in building communities of kinship and being someone for a kid that has no one. We hope you will join us!